4Site Sonar is our specialist application for collecting and processing hydrographic surveys. Built on the 4Site Survey platform, it takes advantage of the survey data capture and processing tools available.  Functionality has been extended to include recording and syncing depth recordings, with a Sonamite echo sounder.

Positioning and depth recording are displayed on a tablet PC, which is connected to the echo sounder and total station and/or GNSS recorder, using long range Bluetooth connections. Comparisons can be made to imported DTMs for height differences.  The bed profile is presented, along with the signal strength of the reflected sounding.  Location mapping identifies the route taken.

Post processing, the recorded data and time syncing allows lag correction and filtering of spikes, before exporting to n4ce for model creation and section generation.

Purpose built boats have been prepared by AiC, and supplied as a package (including training). However, the software can also be made available separately.


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  • N4ce Slide
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  • N4ce Slide
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  • N4ce Slide
  • N4ce Slide
  • N4ce Slide
  • Uses 4Site Survey as a platform and benefits for its tools
  • Connects to Total Station and/or GNSS
  • Safe and fast surveys, only requires a single operator
  • Uses Sonarmite echo sounder
  • Back up echo sounding in case of lost signals
  • Suitable for both open water and rivers
  • Has a Bluetooth range of over 250m
  • Real time visualisation of surveys and echo sounding
  • Signal quality reporting
  • Corrections for Lag / Latency
  • Low battery checks
  • Add background satellite image or mapping before leaving the office
  • Real time comparisons to a reference DTM
  • Can take a boat into areas otherwise inaccessible
  • Low cost accurate safe solutions
  • Post processing to remove spikes in data
  • Exports in XYZ to modelling packages
  • AiC offers sale, hire or consultancy service

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